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  Wedding Video
Wedding Video

Karli wrote “Yes! I'm am in love with the video. You did an amazing job! Thank you so much!!!! I pour out happy tears watching it. I can’t thank you enough. It is probably my most prized possession!!!!!”

Brides say that Lance Wheeler’s wedding video was the “best investment they made”.


Wedding & Event Videos


     Lance Wheeler’s photojournalistic approach to your wedding video has received high praise from brides and grooms throughout the Northeast. Brides say their wedding DVD is “the best thing they did”. Lance Wheeler’s quiet and unobtrusive style captures the sights, sounds and feelings of your special day. Your children and grandchildren will cherish the wedding DVD.

     Lance’s decades of broadcast tv and event video experience and digital equipment produce stunning results with no need for additional lighting.

     Lance Wheeler’s extensive photojournalistic experience includes videography for CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, CNN, ESPN and BBC.




Event coverage for schools, universities and “not for profits”is an invaluable resource.  Annual meetings, guest speakers, award programs, graduations can be documented by Lance Wheeler and viewed via traditional websites or through social media.



Wedding Video Examples


Carla & Amit's Country Wedding - Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.

Annette & Eric's Revolution Hall Wedding- Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.

Lisa & Al's Country Wedding - Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.

Meg & Tom's Valcour Inn & Boathouse Wedding- Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.

Monica & James' Senate Garage Wedding- Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.

Jennifer & Brian's Diamond Mills Wedding- Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.

Jennifer & Jason's Mohawk River CC Wedding- Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.

Megan & Derek's Hall of Springs Wedding- Lance Wheeler Video from lance wheeler on Vimeo.





4 Exceptional Wedding Video Packages

"Customize your wedding video to meet your budget"


Wedding Essentials


Preserve your wedding day forever with “Wedding Essentials”. “Wedding Essentials” is an affordable and practical way to capture the most important day of your lives. Limited post production editing saves you money and is a “must” for the bride and groom looking for an affordable wedding video. “Wedding Essentials” is a perfect package for couples. This 4 hour coverage is a great value and is available on selected dates.




High Definition Video
Your Wedding DVD in a Week!


Email or call lance at 518-755-5555 for specific pricing.



The Wedding Basics - "Most Popular"!


Document the most important day of your life with “The Wedding Basics”. 5 hr coverage of your wedding and reception is a “no frills” approach to preserving and reliving your wedding day for years and decades to come. Special “in camera” editing documents the unforgettable memories without additional editing.


The Wedding Basics DVD is a valuable keepsake to share with your children and grandchildren.

  • Your “Wedding Basics” is ready for viewing when you return from your honeymoon.
  • High Definition Video
  • 2 DVDs included.
  • Ask about our Drone Video
  • Your Wedding DVD in a Week.
  • Watch You Tube Highlights on your honeymoon. FREE

Email or call lance at 518-755-5555 for specific pricing.



Great Cuts - “Voted BEST Value by Brides”

“The Perfect Coverage and Best Value”


The “Great Cuts” package is the most popular choice for brides and grooms The music of your first dance is woven into the special moments of your DVD and you can add additional songs.


All digital coverage includes stunning video from the marriage service to the reception. Your wedding video includes the celebration, all the memorable moments that include the special dances, speeches and fun.


Lance captures the magic of your day quietly, without distracting you or your guests. The “Great Cuts” package is a permanent record of your most memorable day captured in a photojournalistic style....delivered to your door in less than a week.

  • High Definition Video
  • Friends and family can view your wedding highlights on You Tube.
  • Your Wedding DVD in a Week - 3 DVDs are included.

Email or call lance at 518-755-5555 for specific pricing.



Great Cuts “Plus” - A “Compelling Keepsake”

Create your Own Package


Your wedding DVD includes additional editing that includes the dramatic use of slow motion, black and white video, additional transitions and your choice of music.

  • High Definition Video
  • 3 DVDs included.
  • A special “highlights” DVD
  • You Tube Highlights.

Email or call lance at 518-755-5555 for specific pricing.



This is what a Mom Says



What can I say--I can only repeat the accolades that are already on your web site--you did exactly what you said you would do and more--you were invisible and everywhere!!!!


"MOM!" I do not want a videographer in my face on my wedding day!!!!" Those were the words my daughter screeched at me for months as we planned her wedding - Appease me," I answered, "I will find the perfect videographer if you don't want a video, I won't get you a copy.!"

This is my only daughter, and as a Jewish mother I planned her wedding since the day she was born! Had I listened to my daughter I/we would have missed seeing the entire wedding ceremony including my daughter as she walked down the aisle after alighting from the splendid white horse drawn carriage that carried our princess and us to the ceremony site.


And that was just the beginning of what we would have missed as you can't be everywhere! With 220 guests wanted to congratulate you and talk to you - I couldn't just sit back and watch. If I had to do it all over again, I would have arranged for Lance to be there for our pre-wedding barbeque, rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch.


My daughters parting words to me on the way to the airport for her honeymoon were "Can we get a copy of the video?"- my greatest pleasure was watching the newly married couples faces as they watched the video upon their return!!!! ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!!!!! I should have had Lance there too!!!


What Brides and Grooms Say



I just wanted to send along a very big "Thank You" for everything!! We arrived back home this weekend and were able to view the wedding video- we love it!! You did an amazing job and we are so thankful that you were able to be there with us to capture this special day. Thank you again!!! Nicole

We just watched the DVD for the 3rd time and I just want to say THANK YOU!!! It is absolutely wonderful.   The day goes so fast and we missed so much but your DVD will allow us to relive these memories over and over again.  Once again, thank you!   Robin

Thank you SOOOO much!  The video is awesome!  You did such an amazing job!  We absolutely love it!   We hope you enjoyed your time with us, we appreciate your hardwork... it is so beautiful!  Andrea and Craig

We just arrived home and viewed our video and we couldn't be happier.  Due to the chaos of our wedding day both our memories were vague.  We kept telling everyone after the wedding that we were so happy we have a video to reflect on. Your video far exceeded our expectations and we appreciate your hard work.  You made everything very easy and, like you said, we didn't even know you were there. We have already recommended you to some friends and it will be our pleasure to do so in the future. Thanks again! Kevin and Amy 

We really enjoyed the videos. It has been fun to relive our wedding day and to see things we didn't get to see on the actual day.  Thanks for capturing the day.
Kelly and Mason

“It was the BEST video I have ever  seen” Jennifer L. - Mother of the Bride

Both families sat down together to watch the video the other
night and it was GREAT!

We were laughing so hard!!
I’m very happy. I decided to have a video
Thank you so much!!

It was amazing!  Our wedding DVD was everything  we wanted.  We couldn't ask for more. 
Rich and Nicole

You are the best!  OH MY GOD! We were enthralled with the video and we got the wedding DVD in less than a week! YOU captured it all!  I was floored. I was thrilled to see so many of the very special things we had planned but never saw the day of the wedding. We can't say enough! You get our highest recommendation.
Bill and Eleanor

Thank you so very much for the fantastic wedding DVD that you made us! We’ve watched it twice already and it's fabulous! The night flew by so fast and it is so nice to have the DVD to remind us of everything. You captured everything. And, you were so unobtrusive. We love that you taped so many people at different times throughout the night. We will be watching it for years and years to come and we can’t thank you enough for doing such a great job. Our children and grandchildren will love it too! Thank you!

PS Like you promised...our wedding DVD was waiting for us when we returned home from our honeymoon.
Alicia and Matt

We are home from our awesome honeymoon and the first thing we did was watch our wedding DVD. It was awesome!  I liked the fact that I got to see things that I did not see  at the wedding. You did an awesome job and we can not thank you enough I was glad to see everyone having a great time...
Thanks again,
Kurt and Rosalie 

Hello Lance,
We just got back from our honeymoon, and, just like you promised, our wedding DVD was in the mail. It was AWESOME!  We couldn’t ask for more. We loved everything! .  You did what you  said you’d do and more...You were so professional. I can’t wait to show it to our family and friends. We love it and I can’t  imagine not having a wedding DVD. Carrie and Nick    

Your wedding DVD was “spectacular”. We watched it twice in one day.  I couldn’t believe how much we missed.  Thank God you archived some great memories for everybody. It was “fabulous”.  
Margaret and Thomas

Hi Lance!
Bret and I both commented on the honeymoon that we were surprised by how unobtrusive your filming was.  I remember reading that on your website, but I really don't remember seeing your camera light at all throughout the ceremony and reception.  I DIDN'T remember seeing your light!

I have to say, I wasn't sure throughout the wedding planning process if hiring a videographer was really worth it, but afterwards it brought me so much comfort to know that you filmed the whole event.  I was really shocked by how fast it went and how little I remember!  I can't wait to relive it through your filming!

Thank You!

Thanks!  And thank you again for being so great to work with!

Hi Lance,
We really loved it!  We just watched the 2nd (reception) DVD last night.  My parents were visiting so we waited until they were here.  I was really glad to see (at least for this viewing) all the settings- that day I missed seeing the cake, the ice-sculpture , the dessert tray, the cocktail spreads!  It was really fun to see what the place looked like.  I'm really glad you included all of that.
Also, it really does look like a party that everyone enjoyed.  We certainly did.  It helped bring back some memories from that day.  I just wish we could attend a wedding like that again someday.  And watching the getting ready video... what a tomboy I am!  It was neat to have those shots because that part was very much part of the day.
We are very happy with it.  Thanks so much!
-Kate & Matt

I just finished watching the DVD for a second time!  It is just fabulous.  Thank you so much for the wonderful work.  It was really a pleasure having you do the video.   I will bring the DVD to the bride and groom  on Wednesday (they live in NYC).  I’m so anxious for them to see it!  Thanks again.
Mary (the Mom)

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